Course Overview

The Point Walter Golf Course

Our 9-hole golf course is a 2,605m course that consists of six par 4s, two par 3s and a par 5.

Highly regarded for its quality fairways and greens and its picturesque landscape, the course can be played just as a casual 9 holes or you can challenge yourself with doing a second round to make it a complete 18 holes, if you desire. 

Hole 1

A straight away Par 4 with a bunker positioned on the right hand side.

With a drive up the left the ball will roll back to the middle of the fairway to allow for an easier approach to the green.

The green itself slopes left to right and can be extremely fast, as such being slightly shorter on the approach can be best. 

Hole 2

This Par 3 always plays into the wind which means you must take an extra club to get the distance.

The green plays back to front and when putting, we recommend you play the ball inside the hole as there is minimal break.


Hole 3

The only Par 5 on the course, this hole gives you a chance to make a possible Eagle!

With a right to left sloping fairway, a drive towards the right side opens the green up.

The front of the green has a narrow entrance with thick rough to stop the ball bouncing forward.

The green runs towards the river so plan for extra break.

Hole 4

A very narrow dog leg right to left with no margin for error.

A big hitter can take on the corner and leave a very short approach into a soft right to left sloping green. 

Hole 5

The "Guinness World Record" Hole for the longest putt achieved on the 2nd February 2017, this is the hardest hole on the course with the hole playing into the wind and a very narrow and fast green.

Hole 6

Par 3 with a double tear green that plays longer than the measurement suggests.

Plan for the ball to bounce left if you land it short. 

Hole 7

The "Big tree" hole... this makes it very narrow but if you can carry the tree then it makes life easier.

A very flat green with views down the Swan River and towards Fremantle. 

Hole 8

A short Par 4 heading back towards the Perth CBD.

This hole can be reached in 1 but be careful as the trees on the left reach into the fairway.

The green is generous with a tricky back right hole location for special events. Aim to be short on the hole to give you the best chance to make a putt.

Hole 9

Left to right dog leg with trees down both sides of the hole that make for a difficult tee shot.

The green slopes away from your approach shot so expect the ball to run to the back of the green. 

Play at Point Walter

This 9-hole golf course is highly regarded for its quality fairways, greens and picturesque landscape.

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